Thursday, August 31, 2017

Crazy for Antique Mirrors

I love antique mirrors! I do not care what size or what color....I have them in every room of my house. Can you be addicted to mirrors? I think in my case the answer is, yes!

The above mirror was, would you believe it, a find from our yearly clean up week. Someone had dumped this sweet beauty on the curb. Oh, no, no...there was potential in this mirror for sure. I painted the piece with chalk paint, lightly sanded, and added a Melissa Frances tulle flower for a feminine accent.

Other mirrors in my home I find at yard sales, antique shops and flea markets. Often they need to be painted, as white or cream mirrors are the best for my light decor.

What do mirrors do? Besides being beautiful, they add dimension to a small room and make it appear larger. They add light and reflection to a space, which is fabulous for any place in the house. Lastly, they add style, which in my case is Victorian to match my house.

Antique mirrors...they are a great thing!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Chalkboard Love

Don't you just love chalkboards? I think they are one of my favorite decorating elements of all time. In this picture I have used my very large one as a backdrop for a photo of one of my ruffled bags. This one was a true find one day at my favorite store, Home Goods. It is about 4 feet long.

A chalkboard does not have to be huge to be a focal point to any room. Chalkboards, in all sizes, can be a simple decorative tool for any style or season.

Five Ways to Decorate with Chalkboards

1. Hang a large, rectangular chalkboard on the wall behind a dining room table and chairs. Have fun writing sample menus on the board to highlight the foods associated with the different seasons.

2. Use chalkboard labels on mason jars to store pantry items in a stylish way.

3. Place a small, wood-framed chalkboard next to a decorative display, such as next to a bunch of faux pumpkins. Write the word, "Pumpkin Patch" on the board as a whimsical touch.

4. Take chalkboard clothespins (yes, they even make those!) and write inspirational words on them. Attach them on a horizontal clothesline with black and white family photos.

5. Incorporate mini chalkboards on a buffet table. Write all the names of the foods on them so there is no guessing when dinner time comes around.

Chalkboards are a decorating tool that is so versatile and inexpensive. Try adding some to your home today!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The "Cozy" Season

It is approaching the "cozy" season. In other words, fall is almost here, and I cannot wait! Autumn is by far my favorite time of year, so as soon as there is a nip in the air I can be found setting out all my fall favorite things.

What are my all-time must-have decor items?

1. Harry Slatkin candles. His complex fall scents are the best around. I have a variety, such as sweet pumpkin, leaves, and apples scents, all over my house. Now he sells exclusively at QVC, but many of his candles are also sold under the Bath and Body Works name. There is nothing like a warm, welcoming fall candle to dress up your fall home.

2. Fall throws. This is the time of year I get some of my chunky throws and drape them over a couch or chair. I like the fall colored ones, plaid, and even faux fur varieties. You can never have enough throws in my opinion!

3. Mini chalkboards. I have all shapes and sizes. They are perfect for setting next to a decorative display. I write words on them, such as "Happy Fall" or "Pumpkin Patch." It is an inexpensive way to add a little whimsy to your home.

4. Decorative lights. It is already getting darker sooner, so a few Tiffany-style lamps, flickering candle electric lights or a string of orange mini-lights around a decorative branch make my home warm and inviting at night.

5. Autumn dishes. My hutch holds my displays of dishes. These different sets of dishes get replaced every season. My MIL gave me a set of antique turkey dishes that I proudly showcase this time of year. Maybe you have a small bookshelf or floating shelf. Add a few fall-inspired dishes to dress up your decor. Again, this is a simple and inexpensive way to add a little charm to your fall home.

What do you like to do to decorate your home for fall?

Sunday, August 6, 2017

It All Began with a Dress...

Yes, as the title says, "It all began with a dress..." What, you might ponder...Oh, that would be my art career. As a child I was A-L-W-A-Y-S making something or decorating something. In those young years I would make pictures to hang on the walls or potholders to display on hangers. The list goes on..I just loved making things. Lots of things..

My professional career, however, started with antique-embellished dolls. After following pre-made patterns, I started drawing my own designs and making my own pattern pieces. My line featured dolls, angels, cats, bunnies and santas. Every Sunday I would take a huge pot with tea bags and water and "cook" up my tea dyed material. All the dolls were accented with antique pieces, such as old jewelry, antique linens, lace, and millinery flowers..oh, how I love my millinery flowers!. After all these years, I do not have one doll left. I sold hundreds during those years and when I was through..I started a doll pattern company.

My art has evolved a lot since those early days 27 years ago. While there are no dolls on my shelves, there are many other things that I love just as much.

My signature style still features an antique look and feel.

And, every now and then one can see a glimpse into the early when I paint a dress. :)

Friday, August 4, 2017

Greetings from the studio. I thought today I would share a little bit about my art process, as it probably is a little unconventional. I love looking through glossy, studio tours that fill the pages of the internet. You know, the ones where every paint brush is in place and each nook and cranny is tidy?

Well...that is not how it is in my studio. Nope. Yes, I actually have a designated spot, or room, in my home that is my creative space. I even have a sign on the door, "Studio." However, it is not tidy, not by any means. It pretty much holds my inventory. I do all my photography and computer work in this room. I even keep all my art supplies in a closet there. I do not, however, create my work in this room.

I guess I am sort of a "creative nomad" of sorts. In the early days, I worked for hours at my kitchen table between meals. Many of us, I am sure, start out this way. Now, this habit, after 27 years, holds on with its dear life.

My favorite spot to create is sitting in my recliner with a huge art table in front of me. There is usually a HGTV show filling the air space and a glass of pop next to me ( here I go again with my terrible pop addiction).

Maybe I create out of my studio space because it feels more informal. After all, going to the "STUDIO" can be and sound a little scary to me at times.

Whatever the reason, I enjoy moving around from dining table, to kitchen table to dining room art table as I make all my art. Just give me some good light and I am set to go. Where do you create?

Who is Amy Mosher? The Good, The Bad, and The Weird....

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog. Today I thought I would give you a little information about me so we could get to know each other a little better. Who is Amy Mosher?

I am calling this page, "The 10 Things About Amy Mosher." Let's start with the obvious on in the picture above.

1. I hate short hair on myself. Yes, this is a pic of me with short hair, and I like it for a hot second then quickly set to grow out my pixie. BTW, not fun growing out a pixie when you are in your 50s. Can you say, SLOW growing hair? You get the picture.

2. My husband and I have one pet, a cat named, Angel. She is a rescue cat and has a "halo" marking on her head, which is whey the staff at the shelter renamed her. The name stuck, and she is the most "chill" cat in the world.

3. The house I live in is in constant redecorating mode. Interior design is a passion of mine, and sometimes this interest gets a little out of control, shall we say. I "shop my house" almost every day, which is a lot of fun for me and a lot of stress for poor hubby.

4. My favorite state to visit is Maine. We have been going to Maine for almost 36 years for vacations. The southern coast is the best area, in my opinion, due to its abundance of beaches. Being a foodie, did I mention there is lobster everywhere? Gotta love that too.

5. Here is a weird one. I hate to drive. Being a little high strung....well, maybe hubby would say, A LOT high strung..the highway traffic unnerves me. Country roads are the best for this girl, but if I can get out of that too, I am a happy camper.

6. I am addicted to t pop, or soda, depending on where you live. It is a vice that I am continually fighting because we all know how bad it is. Cutting this delicious drink out of my life is always a New Year's resolution, but, so far, I have not conquered it.

7. Our home is about 140 years old. We have lived here 4 years and have spent a lot of time redecorating it. There are great things about old homes, such as the high ceilings and architecture , but when we first moved in I was convinced it was haunted. But, that is another story...

8. Introvert is my middle name. On a scale of being introverted I am probably the highest level. It has really never been a problem for me, but sometimes people can view it as being snotty or aloof. For those introverted people out there reading know it is not that at all. I just love being alone. Anyone else agree?

9. I was a classical clarinetist in my teens and early twenties. All those years ago I went to college, initially, for music. It actually was my life, and I spent many hours a day practicing to attend band festivals, etc. After an absence of 37 years of playing, I still remember all those fingerings!

10. Disco is not dead in my life. I only listen to the 70s channel of Sirius Radio in the car. The Bee Gees music is still my favorite, and I could not tell you what groups are popular today. I am in a time warp with my musical taste, and I love it!

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